Our Mission

Our mission is transformation. We long to see all people transformed into the image, nature and character of Jesus Christ through knowing him and his love and as a result living out the great commission transforming the world around us by revealing the goodness of God through the word and power of Jesus.



Our Culture

Presence – We place a high priority on living out our lives with an awareness of honoring the Presence of God. Therefore, our meetings are geared toward acknowledging the Lord is in our midst with a desire to have his people worship and encounter him.

Family – We do things in a way that preserves the nature of family because every family in heaven and on earth has its named derived from the Father. We do not carry offense but encourage and believe for what the Lord has for each other.

Prayer – Lifestyle of personal and corporate prayer, cultivated from a place of intimacy with Jesus.

Transformation – We believe nothing is too big for God and there is healing for every area of our lives. In Jesus our future is bright and we are not disqualified by the mistakes of the past. We prophetically see what God sees for people.

Serving – Like Jesus we look to serve and not to be served. Leadership is looking out for the well being of others and not to be served.

Naturally Supernatural – We believe the power and the gifts are not optional and available to everyone, but it is not weird nor at the expense of character or honoring people.

Word – Passion for God’s word and seeing His word worked out in our lives on a daily basis as we grow in the character and nature of Jesus.

Multicultural – A multicultural church that does not find its identity in being multicultural but in Jesus, showing that in Jesus barriers come down.

Kingdom – We live with an awareness that Jesus is King and Lord over all. Therefore, our lives are submitted to him.

Generosity – We give generously of our lives and finances.



Core Beliefs

God is one. He is a triune God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God is eternal. God is good and active in the world he made with a heart to restore people and all creation to himself through the atoning work of Jesus, which is the good news of the gospel of the Kingdom.

Jesus is God. He was born of a virgin birth as conceived by the Holy Spirit. He lived on earth as the Son of God to bring glory to God and fulfill the Father’s plan of redemption for all people.

Jesus’s death on the cross redeems us from having to pay the price for our sins and all of sin’s effects—sickness, oppression, death and eternal separation from God. Because Jesus defeated death we can live forgiven and free from sin and its effects.

The holy bible is the Word of God and is true, infallible and authoritative. Jesus fleshed out the Word to fulfill the Father’s will to redeem us in love through dying on the cross and resurrecting from the dead.

We receive the Holy Spirit at the spiritual re-birth but are baptized in Him by Jesus. And by his Holy Spirit we are sealed in sonship, sanctified by his work and get to co-labor with God to fulfill his great commission—preaching and demonstrating the gospel of the Kingdom.

We were created in the image of God and given rulership with Him for good over the world. When Adam and Eve sinned the consequences of sin—more sin, sickness, oppression and death—entered the world. Through Christ the curse of sin, sickness and death is removed and we are empowered by God’s Spirit to again reign with God when we believe and receive Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Through Jesus we are saved by grace not based on good works that we do. Grace means we are forgiven when we believe in Jesus but it also means we are empowered to live in a way that honors God.

Jesus is building his Church and will return for her. Before Jesus returns the Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached to all nations.